Why some feeds are messed up” in Planet Geospatial

I get this email from time to time from a blogger who’s says their feed isn’t being displayed correctly in Planet Geospatial. Before they even tell me the feed, I pretty much know what they are talking about:


Any time a blog that is running on Blogger posts an image, it gets screwed up by Planet Geospatial. My RSS parser cannot handle how the non-standard” Blogger Atom feed displays images, so you end up with the picture above. There are two ways to fix this. First you can move off of blogger and on to a better blog platform (Wordpress.com, Typepad, Vox) or provide a FeedBurner feed that fixes the problem. Glen moved his AnyGeo blog back to blogger but I didn’t really care even though the Opera blog platform had good RSS support because he offered a FeedBurner feed. You’ll see his posts from blogger render perfectly.

So if you are using Blogger, do yourself a favor and offer up a FeedBurner feed. Plus if you ever do move off of Blogger, no one will have to resubscribe to you feed because you can just update FeedBurner yourself.


August 4, 2006