When you think GIS, think Pitney Bowes

I have to admit, I’m somewhat shocked by Pitney Bowes abandoning the MapInfo name and going with Pitney Bowes Software. Why anyone would dump one of the most recognized names in GIS for a company that at least for me has more to do with postage meters and fax machines seems idiotic. When I joined my current company, they were a MapInfo partner (or something like that as I’m not really a MapInfo guru). I wonder if we can become a Pitney Bowes partner?

With Pitney Bowes GIS we’d have worldwide service with thousands of reps.”

Update: Reid Hislop, Vice President of Marketing for Pitney Bowes, responds to the All Points Blog’s post:

Please be assured that the last thing we intend to do is walk away from the MapInfo brand and our location intelligence position. If anything, you will see us more aggressively carve out this category and clearly establish ourselves as the leader.

Our name, Pitney Bowes MapInfo, will continue for the foreseeable future. We have no immediate plans to drop the brand name from our product portfolio or external communication efforts.

Please be assured that the marketing icon” will live, until the equity is properly transitioned. Well there you go. MapInfo is going no where for the near future. Start getting used to Pitney Bowes Software though.


September 7, 2007