TileCache 2.0 Released with ArcIMS Support

TileCache 2.0 has been released with support for ArcIMS AXL requests. This should be of great interest to users of ArcIMS who want to create a tile cache. If you have a server that can run Python CGI and has write access to the hard drive and an ArcIMS Web Service, you can create tiles. Now your ArcIMS site will have the performance of the tile cache and you can even use the cache with the OpenLayers client. I’m really anxious to give this a try when I get back from vacation on some of our older ArcIMS sites.

In addition Christopher Schmidt says there is also limited support for KML Super-Overlays in Google Earth. We’ve had great luck with Arc2Earth and using super-overlays created directly from ArcMap and using TileCache in Google Earth just as interesting to me. Definitely have to look more into that (just think, ArcIMS in Google Earth using super-overlay). Christopher also mentions that Amazon S3 is available. I’ve really taken to leveraging Amazon S3 with sharing our datasets. The costs are just so inexpensive that I cannot think of hosting data any other way. TileCache just became much more valuable to our workflows with S3 support.

So as Agent J might say from MIB II; you can take your old old and busted” ArcIMS web service and turn it into new hotness with TileCache.

Agent JAgent J


December 23, 2007