Shape2Earth Beta 2

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I’ll be honest, I haven’t even taken a quick look at this shapefile to KML converter Shape2Earth by Tim Beermann, but some might want to check it out. Unlike many of the GIS to KML products I’m familiar with, this one doesn’t seem to need ArcGIS to get its data into Google Earth making it a pretty good choice for those not running ESRIs ArcGIS. One good new feature in this beta I can see is that Shape2Earth will project on the fly so you don’t need to worry about making sure all your data is in WGS84.

I’ve been playing around with the NASA World Wind shapefile import” tool and its not exactly as easy to use as I would have hoped. I can’t see how in its current form that my clients would be able to use it, but hopefully as the project continues the tool will become more robust and easier to use.


April 17, 2006