Running ArcSDE with PostgreSQL and MySQL

I so want to see this elephant have ArcSDEI so want to see this elephant have ArcSDE

I’m not sure why but I’ve gotten a couple emails asking me about running ArcSDE on PostgreSQL or MySQL. I’m sure it is because any Google search for ArcSDE with PostgreSQL or MySQL gives you my blog as a reference. Our clients almost always have an Oracle or SQL Server licenses so its not a big deal for them, but being part of a very small company, paying Oracle for a couple enterprise licenses kills us. I’m sure if a big ESRI client (or government) asked ESRI for ArcSDE on either PostgreSQL or MySQL it would happen. For now we’ll just have to sit back and hope there is something going on inside ESRI to enable ArcSDE on either database (my preference is PostgreSQL, but I know some are in love with MySQL). I’ve heard rumblings in the past that there was plans for ArcSDE to run on either database, but I asked around at the Dev Summit and was told there were no plans.

I’m hoping I just asked the wrong guys. :)


April 10, 2006