Quantum GIS 0.8 Titan” Released

Gary Sherman announces on the QGIS developer blog that the open source desktop GIS QGIS 0.8 has been released. The average QGIS user will have to wait a couple days though:

At present this is primarily a source release for those that want to build QGIS. Packages for most Linux distributions, Windows, and Mac OS X are being assembled and should be available in the next few days.

Keep an eye out on the QGIS 0.8 download page for the package releases (Windows, OS X, etc).

For those who have forgotten why QGIS 0.8 is an important milestone, here are a few of the new features:

  • WMS support
  • Improved vector and attribute editing
  • Improved measure tools with area measuring
  • Attribute searching
  • New legend structure
  • Refactoring of API to allow the use of QGIS libraries in mapping applications
  • Improved MapServer export tool
  • Vector layer transparency and antialiasing
  • GRASS support in all platforms
  • Enhanced GRASS support and toolbox commands
  • Enhanced vector editing, including copy, cut, paste, snapping and vertex editing
  • Shapefile/OGR layer editing

Some screen shots of the windows version:






December 31, 2006