Planet Geospatial Greasemonkey User Script

Link - Monkeying with Planet Geospatial

Pgeofilter will scrub the Planet Geospatial front page of entries from a single blog. You will need to make one edit to the code to specify that blog. Note that with a little cut and paste you could hack this script to filter several blogs. Please note that this script is aimed at the mid-November incarnation of Planet Geospatial. I’m using it to filter out the echoes on Planet Geospatial; the blogs which simply link to each other without providing any original content.

I just love Greasemonkey. The simplicity of how it works just amazes me. If you’ve wanted to filter out some feeds on the Planet Geospatial site, now its as easy as using Firefox and Greasemonkey.


November 16, 2005