Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .Net Released

How cool is this? Oracle has released tools for Visual Studio .NET 2003 to provide integrated support for creating .NET applications that access Oracle databases. Rather than use the weird, non-standard Oracle Java based tools or command line, you can now use the Oracle explorer to browse and alster the schema right from inside Visual Studio. We use Oracle for most of our database applications and better .NET IDE integration was always on our wish list.

  • Oracle Explorer - Browse and alter the Oracle schema via a tree control
  • Designers and Wizards - e.g. Table Designer - makes database tasks easy
  • Automatic Code Generation - Drag and drop to create working code
  • PL/SQL Editor - Edit stored procedures and functions in an integrated Visual Studio .NET environment
  • Stored Procedure Testing - Run stored procedures and functions
  • Oracle Data Window - View and edit your Oracle data
  • SQL Query Window - Execute any ad-hoc SQL statement or script
  • Integrated Help System - SQL, PL/SQL and Error Reference Manuals

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET

June 15, 2005