Moving the Home Office

Moving the home office is always interesting, you find so much that you’ve done over the past years and just stuck in a drawer or a shelf. Companies you worked for, RaspberryPis that never were used. Keys to a safety deposit box you don’t recall its location. But that is what makes moving therapeutic, cleaning out the old, unused parts of your life and focusing on the ones that make you happy. Do I need a puppet of Andrew Turner1 in my desk, nope. But I do need the things that make me happy. So now that I’ve boxed up everything but the work MacBookP Pro, I feel strangely at rest2.

  1. I still love Andrew, just haven’t had the need for his head on a stick. ↩︎

  2. At least until I have to unpack and realize that if I had only kept that RaspberryPi, my life would be so much better. ↩︎


August 12, 2019