Jeff Archer - ArcGIS Server Product Manger

In case you don’t already subscribe to his RSS feed, Jeff Archer posted a small bio about himself and how he ended up as the Product Manager for ArcGIS Server. I’ve never met Jeff as unfortunately our workload hasn’t included much ArcGIS server beyond a few projects, but if you do use Server you should definitely bookmark his blog as I’m sure he’d be a great resource to any ArcGIS questions or any wish list items you’d have.

I have one big wish Jeff, combine ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS into one product. Two server solutions just confuses the marketplace. Much like ArcView became the low end” of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcIMS would be the entry to ArcGIS Server. It seems silly to at least me as a developer to keep them split anymore.

September 23, 2005