Is it Monday Already?

Wait, what happened to 3 day weekends. I guess you get one and then you expect them all the time. Oh well…

Some interesting reading for a Monday morning:

  • ArcGISEditor for OSM - Randal looks at the ArcGIS Editor for OSM and concludes it is complicated but powerful. I all Esri tools (they are scientific” mind you) nothing is ever simple, but if you can get your hands around it, powerful results happen.
  • FOSS4G 2010 Final Answer - Apparently there was a Geospatial conference going on somewhere. They all kind of start blending into each other, don’t they?
  • Making a Data Portal With WordPress - Content management is content management, right? (bless his heart for trying to do this with WordPress) Just goes to show that if you can hack your way around code, there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish (assuming your billable time isn’t an issue).
  • Gearing up for GIS in the Rockies - Time for the fall conference season to kick into high gear. Front Range GIS is a unique community that does some really great things with both proprietary and open-source tools (usually in combination). Bummed I can’t go.
  • Why not GeoJSON? - Looks like France was good to Sean. He’s got a great post up on ESRIs use of JSON in their RESTful API.

Oh and way to represent SEC!


September 13, 2010