How to increase your sales via ArcScripts

Update - ESRI emailed to let me know that they do try and clean ArcScripts out, but things slip thought. I wonder if the better solution would be to approve all ArcScripts before they get posted, that would sure stop it.

I won’t go off on my rant about commercial software in ArcScripts since I’ve done it many times in the past, but I’ve noticed something that has happened with a new commercial ArcScript and the lengths that someone will go to keep their product on the ESRI support front page. The extension is KMLr and I haven’t downloaded it because its commercial and shouldn’t be in ArcScripts. But what is interesting is practically every day it is modified” so that it appears at the top of the latest scripts list. I can’t say for certain that there isn’t modifications to the code every day (if that is the case they really should take a break), but at least to me it seems like their are gaming the system. I had thought that ESRI said they would crack down on it, but it seems at least in this case they haven’t done a thing.

I will remind everyone that there is one commercial company that did change the way that they upload software to ArcScripts and they should be congratulated for doing so.

KMLer shows up on the front page every dayKMLer shows up on the front page every day


February 2, 2006