Holiday Weekend Geo Search 2.0

The Friday before a holiday weekend is always nice. Traffic is light as folks cheat on leaving early for vacation, the office is excited about heading to the mountains for camping/boating/fishing and knowing you have an extra day for the weekend to get things done (or just sit in front of the TV) and remember those who gave their lives for this great country.

Well I did see this morning that the Google Maps API blog has some information about Google’s new Geo Sitemaps and Geo search API:

There are (atleast) two really cool consequences of this news: 1) you’ll be able to enable users of your mashups to instantly find international results where previously none existed, and to be able to find results for non-standard searches (e.g. “dog parks”), and 2) by indexing your content, waiting a few weeks, and then using the local search with a” appended to the query, you get to leverage the power of google search on your own content with barely any code of your own

Should be interesting to see this data populate the Google search ecosystem in the coming months.

As many already know, I have resigned from TEC Inc effective next week. I’m going to really miss all my great coworkers and clients I’ve worked with over the years. When I came to TEC, there wasn’t any real” GIS going on and I leave with TEC being a ESRI Business Partner and with a huge backlog of GIS work. I’m proud of what I accomplished there and wish everyone at TEC the best of luck.

I’ll go into more what I’m doing next week, but feel free to read up on BIM.


May 23, 2008