Help Clean up ArcScripts

Looks like ESRI is trying to get a handle on the ArcScripts disaster.

ArcScripts is intended for the free exchange of scripts and tools related to ESRI software products. Please alert the moderator if this script is a demo, trial-version, or an advertisement for a retail product.

Get cracking and remove all those commercial ArcScripts.

Update - Brian Goldin has an insider’s update to the status of ArcScripts. I’m glad to hear about the plans for the future of ArcScripts. Many of us programmers have talked about somethink along the lines of GotDotNet or The Code Project (I prefer The Code Project), but you do worry about overkill for something like this.

ArcScripts AlertArcScripts Alert

Boy my son really got me sick today. I finally was able to crawl out of bed at 4pm. I’m not a trooper about being sick so I probably need to go out and buy some flowers for my wife.


February 27, 2006