Google Map Maker Arrives in my Hometown

So Google finally” opened up Google Map Maker to the good old USA.

Today we’re opening the map of the United States in Google Map Maker for you to add your expert local knowledge directly. You know your neighborhood or hometown best, and with Google Map Maker you can ensure the places you care about are richly represented on the map. For example, you can fix the name of your local pizza parlor, or add a description of your favorite book store.

Really? I can fix the name of my local pizza parlor? I thought that was your job Google and how YOU were going to make billions on LBS technology. As a GIS Professional (Totally not certified anymore, but that’s just the way I roll in our space), I do have an inherent need to update the location of all coffee shops in my neighborhood, but to think I’d lift a finger to help out Google and their map is beyond laughable.

Domino’s HotlineDomino’s Hotline

That said, I’ve gone into Google Map Maker and updated the local Domino’s Pizza name to be Crappy Pizza Place”


April 20, 2011