Geographic Information Systems Q&A at Stack Exchange Continues to Move Forward

Got some good news via email tonight:

Hey there!

A Q&A site proposal which you are following, Geographic Information Systems, is now moving into the commitment phase. If you plan to participate in this site, please indicate your support by committing:

Commit to Geographic Information Systems

A good Q&A site needs critical mass to get off the ground, so if the site doesn’t receive enough commitment, we won’t create it. Don’t forget to invite your friends and colleagues to help build support and momentum. Click here to refer your friends:

Refer your friends

Thank you!

Head Alien in Charge Area 51

I’m glad to see this effort continue to gain traction. I suggest everyone go over and commit” to making the GIS Stack Exchange website work. If you are unfamiliar with Stack Exchange, you should read up on it (or see Stack Overflow). Once enough people commit, the site moves on to closed beta and only those who committed can participate at that stage.

So take a minute and commit to making the GIS Stack Exchange work. Don’t forget to pass it on.


June 15, 2010