GeoGit — The Correct Approach to Versioning in Location

So I’m stuck at Sky Harbor waiting for my flight (Thanks United for not being on time) and catching up on FOSS4G before I get there. One thing that caught my eye on the twitter feed was GeoGit.

Following on the core Versioning WFS work, in 2011 OpenGeo started experimenting with a new way to handle versioning, drawing on git, a distributed versioning system built for Linux and widely used.

I’ve been working on migrating my blog to being stored in Git (rather than MySQL) and the benefits of such a system are crystal clear. Most of us are used to versioning in legacy applications such as ArcSDE (What is that thing called these days? ArcGIS for Databases?) . You basically need a DBA to manage that junk and the idea that I’m going to pay anyone to be a DBA these days is ludicrous. Read what Chris Holmes writes about their thinking on using Git for a version control system and tell me you don’t want to have access to that. I’m already on board using Git for my version control, extending it further into other workflows is just brilliant.



September 13, 2011