GeoCommons - the Future of Mapping or Geo-Splog?

Steve and I had a heated argument about Geocommons. Steve used statements such as it is frickin sweet!!!” and no need for spatial analyst anymore”. I responded with its pretty worthless” and meh”. Steve likes the idea that he can access maps that people have created and leverage them in his own work. I’m pretty much down on the lack of metadata and no idea of the motives of some of the map creators such as aark2 and others.

Steve of course loves the idea that I can upload my data and do stuff with it - without owning ArcMap w/spatial analyst”. That may be true, but I just can’t imagine using any of this data in anything other than recreational browsing. I mean what EIS would ever reference GeoCommons as a source. Not one of mine, that is for sure.


June 5, 2007