Fantom Planet Wonders When Google Will Be Invited to the U.S. Board of Geographic Names

Link - Board of Geographic Names Invites are Like Gmail Invites

I assume that invites are limited because of the Board’s inherently governmental function. So why in this new era of international spats over boundaries and place names in Google Earth has anyone from GE (Google Earth) or the BGN (Board of Geographic Names) thought to coordinate? If the two do not, would Google Earth become the de facto source for international boundaries and place names and usurp any official governmental geonames policy?

This better get figured out soon as I’d hate to think two countries might go to war over a boundary that Google Earth uses. As Fantom says, [Scoffing laugh] Google running borders by anyone. Ha! That’s a good one.”. Exactly, but these days people are beginning to use Google Earth as a reference. I doubt this is what Google envisioned with Earth and I can only assume it will continue to be a headache for them for years to come.

August 26, 2005