ESRI simplifies ArcGIS Server, reinforces ArcIMS

ESRIs ArcGIS Server is a very powerful product, also very expensive. I’ve heard for a couple years they had plans to address this and thanks to a reader who didn’t want to be named they have finally decided what do to. Say hello to ArcGIS Server Basic Edition, ArcGIS Server Standard Edition, and ArcGIS Server Advanced Edition.

There are three editions for ArcGIS 9.2 Server: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. To better assist the geographic data management needs and requirements of server users, ArcSDE technology is included with all three editions of the ArcGIS Server product:

ArcGIS Server Basic Edition: ArcGIS Server Basic Edition is designed for GIS users who want shared access to geographic data. It provides core geodatabase management tools and technology for data storage, management (ArcSDE), and distribution (Web-based data replication).

ArcGIS Server Standard Edition:ArcGIS Server Standard Edition is designed for GIS users who want to visualize and publish geographic data as maps and globes. ArcGIS Server Standard Edition includes all of the functionality of the Basic edition plus a collection of 2D and 3D Web mapping/geopublishing tools, applications, and services. Application developers will have access to components (objects, Web controls, and services) for building solutions on both the Java and .NET frameworks.

ArcGIS Server Advanced Edition:ArcGIS Server Advanced Edition is designed for GIS organizations that want to provide a central, server-based GIS for distributing GIS services across the organization or over the Internet. ArcGIS Server Advanced Edition is the most functionally rich edition of ArcGIS Server. It includes all the capabilities of the Basic and Standard editions, plus it offers a collection of advanced Web applications and services. These applications and services include a browser-based editing application, numerous geoprocessing services, the ability to supply custom tasks to ArcGIS Explorer clients, and much more. For developers, ArcGIS Server Advanced Edition includes multitiered components for building and deploying both J2EE and .NET 2.0 applications and services for traditional desktop, mobile, Smart Client, and enterprise deployments.

Esri Server EditionsEsri Server Editions

But that isn’t all.

ArcIMS will continue to be available and supported with the release of ArcGIS 9.2. In fact, ArcIMS 9.2 has many significant enhancements, including a new Web application and new developer components. ArcIMS users will receive ArcGIS Server Standard Edition as part of their maintenance, which means that ArcIMS users can use both ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server Standard Edition on the same machine. Also, all existing ArcIMS applications will continue to work at version 9.2.

So you get ArcGIS Server Standard Edition with your ArcIMS license.

I need to spend some more time digesting all this new info. A little information overload, but I’m suddenly really jazzed about going to the UC this year.


July 26, 2006