Esri RESTful Api 9.4

I didn’t get as much time to talk with ESRI about the RESTful API, but I did two things answered that were bothering me.

  • You will be able edit with the RESTful API. Opens up the ability to edit ESRI Geodatabases with just about any client you can imagine.
  • You will be able to query and work with other tables in the geodatabase (tables don’t need to be joined to query them). I always seem to have lots of related tables in my projects so this should lessen the need to roll my own ASP.NET connector to work with tables.

Bonus news is that the ESRI JavaScript API will support HTML 5 for some really slick web applications. Of course this is all based on ArcGIS 9.4 which should roll into our hands the first half of 2010.



July 20, 2009