ESRI Dev Summit .NET SIG

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Despite the fact that the whole Developer Summit is pretty much a .NET SIG, Art Haddad and the rest of the .NET team at ESRI hosted a .NET SIG during lunch today. Dave Bouwman was definitely the highlight with his talk about the Agile process. Steve’s got a great writeup of the SIG (it is easy when you have others blog for you) and no matter if you went to the SIG or not you’ll want to keep an eye out on Dave’s blog for his slides. Great stuff with the data binding layers and I’m anxious to get back to the shop and take a look at the Visual Studio 2005 SDK to get more into domain specific language tools Dave highlighted. For more insight, check out the Channel 9 video and see why all .NET devs should be excited about this.

I’m actually leaving the Dev Summit this afternoon to go visit some clients so I won’t be able to post much about tonight and tomorrow so keep an eye out on Planet Geospatial for more info.


March 21, 2007