ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and the Developer Summit

Ron Bruder emailed me to point out the lack of love that Desktop developers are receiving at the Dev Summit. I’ll be honest Ron, my first reaction was, WOW, they actually have Desktop sessions”. Last year there was a huge hole where Desktop should have been as most of the focus was on server. I’m guessing it is too late for more Desktop only sessions to appear, but the best thing ArcGIS Desktop developers can do is pack the sessions and make ESRI sit up and take note that Desktop Devs are people too. A prefect opportunity seems like the ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Desktop Panel Discussion.

This panel discussion is your opportunity to meet the ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Desktop team leads and ask technical and product-related questions for .NET, JAVA, C++, and COM. Panelists will address questions ranging from current patterns to future enhancements as well as product-related questions like licensing.

Yea, that isn’t much but let those folks know how you feel.

Dealing the ESRI CardDealing the ESRI Card


January 24, 2007