Can someone explain to me how this is a patent?

Link - StrataVarious Patent #6,307,573

A novel display control and information management system seamlessly integrates layered and slotted formatted data from both local and remote sources to provide a highly versatile information display. The system permits selective control of display so that complex data and data flows can be seamlessly accessed with enhanced cognition of salient information by the User.”

We’ve all been doing this for years with GIS, so how can this company get a patent on this stuff? I never considered the work I’ve done in web based GIS novel”, but maybe that is why I never thought to get a patent on it. I suspect we’ll start seeing the patent wars enter the GIS world over the next year as companies begin to discover the power of GIS. Maybe ESRI should have been getting some patents over the years to protect themselves. Is anyone else a little worried about patents being issued for prior work in GIS?

Where do I send the royalty payments to StrataVarious for my applications?


November 28, 2005