Brian Goldin on the Developer Summit

2006 ESRI Developer’s Summit2006 ESRI Developer’s Summit

Brian’s posted again and he’s thinking about the new Developer’s Summit next month in Palm Springs. In some ways we’re breaking the mold from our traditional events. In essence conferences are about people and therefore a key focus is to provide a community environment where we can all share experiences and ideas. I think this happens to some extent naturally at conferences for this event we really want to promote this type of communication.” There you go, if you’ve felt like you have outgrown the User Conference, this might be your ticket. Heck how often have you looked at that timeline that ESRI always puts up on the wall at the San Diego Convention Center and think what it might have been like at the first User Conference in Redlands all those years ago, here is your chance to be part of the first Developer Summit.


February 15, 2006