Blog Support in the Esri World

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Andrew Hallam posted to thank Jithen Singh for letting the world know about a technical paper on ArcGIS server. He also makes the great point of how blogs gave him information that he normally would not have gotten from ESRI because of their confusing support site. While it is true that they have a Support Notifications” registration site that will send out emails for this kind of information, I’ve noticed that many new documents show up without being included in the weekly email. What needs to happen is RSS feeds for practically ever section of the support site. I should be able to subscribe to the ArcIMS RSS Feed and get all new documents as they appear, not wait until the get included in an email that my Outlook always seems to label as Junk Mail (no matter what I do with its settings). I’ve heard again and again from ESRI staff about how the support site is held together with duct tape, but something has to give and soon over more RSS feeds.

Oh and would someone over at ESRI make Jei some sort of MVP? (or just send him some t shirt that said GIS Geek on it) He’s pretty much deserved some kind of recognition given all he’s done over on the other side of the world.

October 20, 2005