Big Changes

You’ll notice there is a big change here at Spatially Adjusted. After some long hard thinking, I’ve moved from Movable Type to WordPress for my blog management system. I’ve used Movable Type for years and have paid and donated to keep the project alive, but it seems for one reason or another I’ve been having performance issues with the CGI scripts. So I’ve moved to WordPress and hopefully this won’t be too big of a deal in the short term as long term this will help a ton.

You shouldn’t have to resubscribe to the RSS feeds, but if you’ve stopped getting updates you might want to visit the footer of this blog and resubscribe. The one part that won’t convert over is the email subscription. If you currently use this to keep up to date on posts, click here (or got to the page footer) and resubscribe.

Update - I got the redirect working so all old blog entries point to the new site. My RSS Reader updated to the new feed so I’m hopeful that others will. I know some have had trouble with Thunderbird redirecting its feed so you might want to check just to be sure.


November 8, 2005