Atanas’ Lawyer Publishes a Public Appeal

For those who are following (and hopefully have donated) here is an update from Atanas’ lawyer:

As you are well aware, on June 17, 2011 ICE Director John Morton issued a memo to ICE Field Office Directors to provide guidance on the exercise of prosecutorial discretion. As has always been true pursuant to prior policy, prosecutorial discretion can be exercised at any point in the removal process, including after entry of an Order of Deportation. The memo lists the factors, both positive and negative, that should be considered when evaluating requests for prosecutorial discretion. An analysis of these factors shows that many positive factors and no negative factors apply to Atanas, Mayia and Enislav.

It will take a couple of minutes to read through the post but it is worth it to better understand immigration in the United States and how nuts it all is.


October 26, 2011