ArcWeb Services

Andrea Rosso has posted some great info about data available in ArcWeb Services in the comments of a previous post. I wanted to pull those out so others can see what options are available with ArcWeb. His points are below:

  1. ArcWeb includes the GlobeXplorer Premium data sources which have a resolution of up to 6”. If you zoom into the San Diego area you get more detailed imagery than in Google Maps. They cost a little more than 1 credit but if they are only used when downloaded then the cost should be minimal. You’d be surprised what you’ll find using the GlobeXplorer Premium imagery outside of the US (especially in large Urban areas).
  2. The coverage map is a good idea and I’ll put it in as a suggestion for version 2005. The issue is visualizing it properly.
  3. We are releasing new datasets constantly so as soon as we have new imagery it’ll be quickly available.

Letting users know more about what data is available would be a great new service. The ESRI ArcWeb Services pages aren’t laid out too well for those who just want to see what they are able to view. The chart on the GIS Web Services page is great, but how about putting all the layers in there rather than just general terms and be able to click on a hyperlink to see a snapshot of that data in use? That would be really helpful to those of us who are just beginning to understand the power of ArcWeb.

August 1, 2005