ArcCow for ArcGIS 9.x

If you are lucky enough to be running ArcGIS 9.x, you’ll be able to use the latest extension for ArcGIS Desktop ArcCow from ArcScripts from here. The source code is included so if I were you I’d port the thing to to the ArcGIS Server Task Framework and enjoy the $15,000 grand prize.

Bored? Try ArcCow.

Author assumes no liability for loss or damages that might be incurred when using or attempting to use ArcCow, such as but not limited to, hysteria, uncontrollable laughter, falling out of your chair from laughing, etc…

I can confirm that it works on 9.2 and had a great time dropping cow pies on the I-10 in Redlands.


Click to view ArcCow in all its glory

Actually all it does is put cow pies where you click with a moooo” sound. So you might get board of it very quick, I sure did.


January 15, 2008