Andrew Hallam on Imagery in ArcGIS Explorer”

Link - Imagery in ArcGIS Explorer

I’ve seen nothing to suggest that ArcGIS Explorer is going to make anything but a tiny ripple in the Google Earth ocean. Google are too good at providing free tools that lots of people want to use.

Tough words, but I’m think ESRI might want to get used to them as many will be seriously disappointed with the included imagery in ArcGIS Explorer. A simple look at the screen shots that ESRI has posted (specifically this one) shows pretty much wat to expect. There is the Katrina example but beyond that there isn’t much to suggest high quality imagery will be offered. My gut feeling is that they will use the Public ArcWeb Services to handle the imagery.

ArcGIS Explorer is much more than a satellite imagery viewer like Google Earth is and that is what ESRI is focusing on. I doubt even if they gave away the World Premium Imagery GlobeXplorer that Google Earth would be in deep trouble. When I say ArcGIS Explorer is the product that Google Earth should have been, I’m saying this as a GIS Professional, not Jack GoogleUser who wants to see where the first McDonald’s was located. The power of ArcGIS Explorer will be in the server side applications GIS Professionals develop, allowing ordinary users to have the power of a professional GIS system.

Google Earth has the market for sightseeing wrapped up, no sense fighting them on that.


December 5, 2005