Adding Google Earth and SketchUp to the Real Estate Web Marketplace

A post on the Zillow Blog got me thinking about how people could use Google Earth and SketchUp to better market and sell their real estate. Could a better detailed SketchUp model of your house make is sell better in the future than a standard web based aerial photo? Interesting thought, virtual walk through are already done with QTVR (or similar products) so why not just take the next leap? Wonder if Google has plans for something like this or will services like Zillow take the lead? Heck someone might be able to make money creating these models for people to put up on craigslist where I’m sure it would get great play.

If there was a way to integrate Bird’s Eye View with the SketchUp I’m sure we’d all be blow away (at least where Bird’s Eye View is available, ie not in Phoenix).

The future of online housing sales?The future of online housing sales?


June 6, 2006