Teaming Up Against Esri

I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading during lunch today and this interview that Joe Francica did with Pitney Bowes Software’s John O’Hara caught my eye:

[John] O’Hara mentioned that Autodesk saw Esri moving into design space and therefore saw an opportunity to work with PB as a partner to go up against situations with Esri. Similarly, Autodesk and PB have some dependence on desktop software and largely don’t play in the same space. PB is focused on business applications of GIS in markets like insurance, banking and retail while Autodesk plays in the planning , engineering and energy space. Autodesk’s go to market model is through a huge network of partners; and PB has a more direct sales organization.

All this “GeoDesign” talk clearly caught Autodesk’s eye. I’m guessing that they’ve had enough and we could be seeing a larger commitment from Autodesk in the “Geo” (big G) space in the coming year.


On the way to battle the Wicked Witch of the West Redlands, Autodesk found Pitney Bowes on the side of the road.

  • David Wright

    Yes, and many of the areas that ADSK play in can be very complimentary with PB, the key issue being that they have to chip away at the entrenched ‘ESRIalites’ that worship and the alter in Redlands. You couple the deep accuacy and raw data creation performance of AutoCAD Map with the computational engine in MapInfo, while leveraging the deep customer base of CAD and you see a very target rich environment.

  • Joseph Kinyon

    I look forward to this as much as the IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari (etc.) browser wars.

  • Andrew Zolnai

    ‘fraid to say Autodesk are 25 years too late… see the bottom of my blog A brief history of mine: “… He then joined a brilliant surveyor, who spatalised AutoCAD with a 10K DOS kernel he took to Autodesk’s John Walker and his then PA Carol Bartz… Had he succeeded Esri and Intergraph would’ve had a run for their money!”

  • Gene Roe

    I usually agree with your analysis, but this time I have to take exception. I don’t believe the GeoDesign movement as it is presently being positioned is of interest to any significant group of Autodesk customers, and I am sure that Esri is a lot more concerned with a certain BIG competitor than they are with a strategic relationship between the Desk and PB.  It’s all about one’s roots…

    • James Fee

      Reality and perception are two things Gene.  Clearly Autodesk feels the need to add more GIS to their stable.  PBS/MapInfo is the only one not hooked up with someone else yet.