Patents Are Awesome:: Apple Files Patent for GIS

So over coffee I read this:

Apple’s “Interactive Map” patent filing details a mapping program that enables users to dynamically adjust and view different “layers” of content pulled from the Internet. Examples include commuting, tourism and weather map layers, among others.

Layers of content, brilliant!  Why did we not think of this before?  The patent filing is a road map for GIS.  But I see huge problems with their method, look at this:



Where is the north arrow?   Not only that Apple’s map data for Washington DC is cartoonish.  No wonder people hate Apple Maps.  I can tell you the maps of Phoenix look much better.  Looking over the other supporting images is depressing.  Breaking down what I do into flow charts, gawd we suck.



I look forward to licensing Apple’s patent to do my work.

  • Bill Morris

    On the plus side, we may be able to do something about this nonsense; know of any prior art in GIS?

  • Rob Ford

    Even I’m surprised by this…

  • Rob Ford

    Even I’m surprised by this…

  • Jon

    As a bonus, all of the road numbers are incorrect as well. Some major roads are more or less right, others are missing or wrong (geometry, not just the labels), and who labels a golf course but leaves off the much larger Arlington cemetery?

  • Diana

    I said “dafuq” so loud, my roommates came in to check on me.