Hello my name is James Fee and welcome to my weblog.

James Fee at Where 2.0
James Fee at Where 2.0

I am the administrator of Planet Geospatial which has helped build a community around geospatial blogs. I’ve also keynoted conferences including the Safe Software FME UC, URISA, BAAMA and many more.


Other than subscribing to this site’s RSS feed and checking in as often as you like, you learn more about me or follow me on:
Twitter, view my presentations on Slideshare. You can also connect with me at Facebook or LinkedIn.


People always ask me what do I use every day to do my job. I work on a 2013 Apple Macintosh mini with a 23” Apple Cinema HD display. For my job I use Safe Software FME, Esri ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, PostGIS and Python for scripting. I write my blog posts using Markdown and edit them (and all my code) using MacVim. My blog itself is hosted on WebFaction and generated with WordPress.


To get a hold of me see the contact page.