Hangouts with James Fee:: Special Guest Peter Batty

The next episode of Hangouts with James Fee has special Guest Peter Batty, CTO at Ubisense. Peter will talk about this years FOSS4GNA, Leaflet.js, geospatial business trends and what’s he’s been working on at Ubisense.

We go live next Friday (March 27th) at 1:00pm PDT and you can follow right here on my blog or at the Google+ Hangout event page.

This Week’s Hangout:: Season 3 Premier with Brian Timoney

Well as promised, season 3 of Hangouts with James Fee premiers tomorrow at 1pm PST. The last time Brian joined me we talked about portals but this time we’ll catch up on all the new spatial news from the past few months. The new broadcast time is going to be 1pm PST every Friday. As before, all the shows will be archived on YouTube and this blog.  Go to the Google Hangout event page to find out more.