Come Work With Us

I could drop a link to weather.gov1 and say living in Phoenix is simply wonderful. I could mention that we’re hiring developers with PostGIS experience2. I could mention we’re working in Node.js3. I could mention we’re working only in Leaflet.js4. Actually I could mention a lot of things but the bottom line is if you want to work with PostGIS/Node.js/Leaflet on projects around the world and enjoy 85 degree days in February, apply here.

I’m looking for entry level developers and those with more experience. Apply away if you want to work in Phoenix with PostGIS/Node.js/Leaflet.

  1. Sadly if you click this link in August it won’t be so special

  2. You need not touch Esri software at all

  3. Maybe everyone mentions this these days

  4. Everyone should be

  • DEWright_CA

    But you don’t mention the 120 degree days in the other 8 months… Kind of a bait & switch…

    • James Fee

      That’s why god invented air conditioning. Plus swimming pools and movie stars.

      • Alton Deslandes

        How do Movie Stars enter into the picture? They don’t keep me cool.

        • kristoffer

          Movie stars just ARE cool

  • geoluis

    Is telecommuting not on the table?

    • James Fee

      There is opportunity but you need to be located in Phoenix.